Wednesday, 31 October 2012


After last year's pathetic attempt (see here) to write 50,000 words in a month, I've decided to try again.

This time, for the following reasons, it's probably going to be even harder.

1. I've only written 2,000 words in the past six months.

2. My wrist has some sort of strain that I should probably see the doctor about.

3. I've got no idea what to write about.

4. Surely those three were enough?

Yeah, I reckon a few days of 1,000 words and I'll give up again. But, you never know until you try, do you?


Jaxbee said...


Seriously, number 5 - because you know that, actually, when you put your mind to it, you can write really fast.

Charlie Wade said...

Thanks Jax.

I tried on friday, and managed a few hundred words (it was sort of using last year's idea but losing the violence.) It's not coming as easily as it used to, I guess six months off does that to you. I'm going to try again tomorrow.

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